Rings of the corruption chain and their prison life
Former Judge Hasan Aliyev: "Judges in Azerbaijan must first get acquainted with prison life in order to make a fair sentence".  
”Recently one can often encounter unpleasant information in the press about judges who pass sentences on many slandered citizens at the directions of the Prosecutor's office.Even in January of this year, this issue took a special place in the PACE resolution against the government of Azerbaijan. In short, judges, because of their dependence on the Prosecutor's office, blindly pass sentences against slandered citizens, thus violating human rights in the country and helping these violations reach the peak.   Many journalists investigating such incidents have also been arrested at the directions of the Prosecutor's office. One of these slandered journalists is Mahmud Rasimoglu.He was arrested on the instructions of Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan Z. Garalov and Minister of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan V. Eyvazov for investigating many crimes committed by them. On their instructions, the corrupt judge of the Baku Court on Grave Crimes, Fikret Garibov, sentenced the journalist to 12 years in prison.We want to share with our readers the last words of F. Garibov: “If I had dismissed this fabricated criminal case against M. Rasimoglu, the Prosecutor's office would have arrested me as well. The whole world knows that judges in Azerbaijan depend on the Prosecutor's office because they are in trouble”.Although M. Rasimoglu appealed against the sentence imposed by judge F. Garibov, judges R. Safarov and T. Kazimov, who were also dependent on the prosecutor’s office, upheld Garibov’s sentence.M. Rasimoglu appealed to the European Court of human rights. According to the information obtained, the colleagues of the mentioned judges have already been arrested and they will be prosecuted. We have received several letters on the subject from the penal colony No. 9 of the Penitentiary Service. It should be noted that there are several former judges among the convicts serving sentences in this penitentiary institution. We have received interesting information about one of them that we want to share with our readers.   The report notes that former judge Tamerlan Zeynalov was convicted under articles 178 and 312 of the Criminal code and sentenced to 4 years in prison. However, the former judge, who does not agree with the sentence passed against him by his colleagues, tries to violate the rules of the prison system, behaves like a mentally ill person and wets his bed. By his actions, he also interfered with the rest of other convicts. In response to the dissatisfaction of the convicts, the former judge states that he is tired of prison life and will continue to wet his bed if he is not immediately released. The convicts reminded him of the time when he was a judge, and blindly passed sentences against innocent slandered citizens by the instructions of the Prosecutor's office.
Zeynalov also told the prisoners that the blindly passed sentences are the reason why he is now wetting his bed.As a result of our research, it turned out that Zeynalov’s last place of work was the Khatai District Court, where he was a judge until 2008, and even he temporarily served as chairman of the Khatai District Court. Judge of the Supreme Court Imran Hajigayibov, who is considered as student of Zeynalov, is one of those who often visits T. Zeynalov in prison No. 9. Apparently, Hajigayibov, unlike his colleagues, quickly realized that no one is safe from arrest, illness and death.Another convict, Hasan Aliyev, a former judge of the Baku Grave Crimes Court, told at a meeting with a journalist at Prison No. 9 that after seeing prison life, he realized that judges in Azerbaijan must first get acquainted with prison life in order to make a fair sentence. H. Aliyev said that at the time he, too, on the instructions of the prosecutor’s office blindly passed sentences and among those convicted as a result of his sentences, there are also those who are serving their sentences together with him. And every time he encounters them, he suffers from remorse.   The judges mentioned in this article did not go far from their former colleagues. The names of many judges will still be included in the “corruption plan” presented by Z. Garalov, which is similar to the “cotton plan” issued by the Azerbaijan SSR.Perhaps after the intervention of the above, Z. Garalov’s own name will be added to this list. While the article was being prepared, our editorial office received new information about Judge T. Zeynalov.According to information, Tamerlan Zeynalov gave all his fortune created over the years to Hajigaibov, and his mysterious arrest after the "gift operation" surprised us very much.We will keep the topic in the focus.     Murad Ibrahimli     Legion.az